Rear Window Murals

What is a rear window mural?
Rear window murals are the photos that you see on the rear window of trucks, vans and cars.  They are high quality images that are digitally printed on perforated vinyl.  The perforated vinyl allows you to see outside the window even though you can't see in.

Why are rear window murals so popular?
There are many ways to customize your car or truck, but some may argue, none compare to the impact of a rear window mural.  Think about how many people are behind you in a day and they are all staring at your rear window.  That's a lot of people noticing!

Other reasons people love rear window murals:

  • Rear window murals are inexpensive compared to other car accessories and customizations
  • Rear window murals are easy to apply - in fact, most people apply them themselves
  • Rear window murals are easy to remove so when you want to change or sell your vehicle, it can be removed in less than 30 minutes with absolutely no damage to the window or vehicle

Are rear window murals safe?
Since you are able to see out of the window as if nothing is there, your vision is not affected by the rear window mural.

Where can I purchase a good rear window mural? has one of the largest selections, a low price guarantee and they only offer top quality products.  The most popular brands are Window Canvas, ClearVue and Vantage Point.  They also offer custom rear window murals for those who prefer using their own image or logo for the ultimate in personalization!